The Phones we carry around are pretty smart, but they can be a Lot Smarter.

The LAST THING you want is another Worthless App.

Just What makes this app different?
See below and you be the judge.

Why should you Download?
C/NET has an opinion.
This one is about Beacons.

You are in Control

No possibility of a Virus.
Your information isn't "Mined," sold or shared.

You get alerts from Who you want,
When you want, and WHERE.

Time to UNLOCK the TRUE POWER of your Phone.

You Have Control

This is not a system where you get Bombarded with Ads from everyone. YOU CONTROL what you see and from Whom
You customize delivery based upon your needs so you filter what you get on Your Terms.

Click to Save

You have One Button Control

Near a Business:  Your App will show businesses that are near you right now, starting with the closest.
You choose which ones you want to Follow

Click On: You control what you see from different merchants. That little Red Heart is the connector that allows the merchant to send you their Deals and Steals, essentially Treat you Special.

Click Off:  If You decide at any time to stop receiving GeoFence notifications, Beacon notifications or Push Notifications from a merchant, just CLICK the red heart and turn it off. No need to unsubscribe from anything, just Click Off and messages and deals from that vendor stop.

Another Reason,
A Consolidated Loyalty System

What if you just had One Place to go for All your Loyalty Programs for All Merchants, right on your phone?

What if each time it was just a Quick Scan and your rewards were updated instantly and every program was up to date and individually tracked for each business?

No cards or Kiosks, one device for everything, and just Click, Click, Done.

The Whats-OUT Loyalty System for ALL Merchants

~ All your Loyalty systems in One Place, on your phone.
~ Tracks Every One individually.
~ Does everything Automatically.
~ Alerts you to Special App Only Deals.
~ Earn Points for even More Rewards.
~ Even Contests to Earn Prizes.

Time for A Whole New Experience in Shopping

Help spread the word and make a little Extra Money.

Traditional Advertising doesn't work for us. We would need to spend $Thousands to be successful so why not simply let the folks who use the app SHOW it in action, and pay them rather than some nameless company? 

Advertising agencies are Extremely Expensive and we prefer to pay folks who are already using our app and love it.

Download Now.

Discover Whats-OUT there and find those Deals that are Close to you NOW.